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The Progress Educational Trust (PET), informing debate on assisted conception and genetics

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BioNews - a free weekly email news digest, commentary service and website published by the Progress Educational Trust

BioNews - which can be found online at - is a free news and comment digest, and the flagship publication of the Progress Educational Trust (PET).

The principal aim of BioNews is to provide accurate, balanced and timely news and comment on genetics, assisted conception, embryo/stem cell research and related areas. Whether your interest in these topics is personal or professional, BioNews provides an invaluable roundup of essential news and views.

Articles are divided into three categories - News, Comment and Reviews. News ensures that readers are up-to-date on recent developments, Comment is a great forum for opinion pieces on key topics, and Reviews covers relevant books, films, plays, comics, exhibitions and events.

BioNews covers covers a broad range of clinical, research and policy developments. The top 10 most read BioNews articles in 2016 were:

  1. Dr Lanay Tierney, Volunteer Writer at the Progress Educational Trust (PET)'s flagship publication BioNews Adult stem cells reverse multiple sclerosis in UK trial
    By Dr Lanay Tierney (pictured right)

  2. Menopause reversed using blood treatment
    By Dr Katie Howe

  3. Genome editing and CRISPR: The science of engineering the embryo
    By Dr Jess Buxton Amina Yonis, Volunteer Writer at the Progress Educational Trust (PET)'s flagship publication BioNews

  4. Scientists pick out nose genes
    By Amina Yonis (pictured right)

  5. Australian IVF experts propose allowing gender selection
    By Lone Hørlyck

  6. Ryan Ross, Volunteer Writer at the Progress Educational Trust (PET)'s flagship publication BioNews Ice-bucket challenge funds ALS gene discoveries
    By Jenny Sharpe

  7. UK scientists seek trial of 'mitochondria-boosting' IVF technique
    By Ryan Ross (pictured right)

  8. MIT student claims CRISPR patent not earned
    By Chee Hoe Low Isobel Steer, Volunteer Writer at the Progress Educational Trust (PET)'s flagship publication BioNews

  9. Culturing a human embryo for 14 days - what have we learned?
    By Dr Helen O'Neill

  10. Neanderthal DNA linked to today's diseases
    By Isobel Steer (pictured right)

Other key features include a comprehensive Glossary section, a fully searchable archive containing more than 8,000 articles, and a Jobs and opportunities section where vacancies are advertised.

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BioNews is entirely dependent upon voluntary donations and sponsorship. If you would like to help keep the BioNews service freely available to all, please become a Friend of PET.

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