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The Progress Educational Trust (PET), informing debate on assisted conception and genetics

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Human Clinical Embryology and Assisted Conception MSc


PET is a charity founded in 1992 to advance public understanding of science, law and ethics in the fields of human genetics, assisted reproduction, embryology and stem-cell research. Funded by grants and public donations, PET aims to help people in the UK and worldwide.

Our vision is to improve the choices for people affected by infertility or genetic conditions.

Our mission is to educate and debate the responsible application of reproductive and genetic science.


Our key strategies

Informing and explaining

Publishing accurate, unbiased news, and disseminating this work widely. Mythbusting and challenging hype around scientific developments, so that people are better informed about what assisted conception and genomic medicine can offer, and so that they have access to appropriate medical treatment. Highlighting knowledge gaps, so that education can be improved and so that people are better placed to make their own decisions.

Influencing policy

Championing the responsible application of science. Influencing the development of policy so that it is better aligned with science, reflects the best interests of patient and public communities, and keeps pace with change. Professionals can then work confidently within an appropriately regulated environment.

Leading the debate

Identifying the most challenging topics, providing the forum, encouraging meaningful public debate and changing opinions. Engaging with the public, academic, clinical, policymaking and educational communities – and with the media – so that controversial areas in assisted conception, genetics, and stem-cell and embryo research are well understood and have public support.


Our values


•    Progress

It's in our name. We support ethical scientific progress; we work to ensure that the benefits of medical research are not lost, and that the clinical application of research is not delayed unnecessarily.

•    Boldness

We are fearless in tackling the most challenging moral questions in human reproduction, development and inheritance.

•    Encouraging debate

We give a platform to those with opposing views, because we believe in an honest, informed debate.

•    Accessibility

Our work includes the public and professionals together, so that each can learn from the other's perspective. We believe people benefit not only from direct medical help, but also by having a fuller understanding of the complexities of the science, policy and ethics that relate to their circumstances. Clear communication underpins our work.

•    Authoritative

We are a trustworthy source of information.

•    Agility

Our size and structure make us perfectly poised to react quickly to the latest issue. We are efficient, and our impact is such that we deliver value for money – whether that is a personal donation or grant funding.

•    Independence

Our integrity is vital to us. As a charity, we do not benefit from the developments in science or the changes in policy that we seek to advance.

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