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Marieke Bigg

Science Editor

Marieke Bigg is Science Editor at the Progress Educational Trust (PET) and at its flagship publication BioNews. Together with her fellow BioNews editors Dr Joanne Delange and Jen Willows, she runs the BioNews writing scheme, which provides practical science writing training and experience for PhD students. She is also a PhD candidate, and conducts her research under the supervision of Professor Sarah Franklin in the University of Cambridge's Department of Sociology.

Marieke's research - which is funded by Wellcome - concerns the debates about human embryo research that followed the clinical translation of IVF in the 1980s. Marieke's work focuses on the role of the reproductive biologist Dr Anne McLaren in these public and Parliamentary debates, extrapolating from her life and work to better understand the role of biological models and biologists in public deliberations on biotechnology and reproductive medicine. Marieke also writes creatively on her Sourdough website and hosts the Sourdough YouTube channel where she interviews individuals in science, academia and the creative industries about feminism and biology.