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The Progress Educational Trust (PET) is always looking for corporate, institutional and charitable partners and supporters to help achieve its objectives.
Typically, partners and supporters help PET with its public events (including its annual conference and evening debates) and specific projects and initiatives. Read this report to find out how many people attended PET's 2015 Annual Conference, who they were, what they thought of the conference, and what impact the conference had on policy, public discussion and the media.
Flexibility for our partners is key - support can be either financial or in-kind (an example of in-kind support would be use of a venue), and can be a one-off occurrence or an ongoing relationship. Whatever the nature of the arrangement, PET welcomes any ideas that would enhance the relationship for both parties.
In return, PET's current partners are acknowledged with logos and links to their websites on all relevant parts of the PET website. Additionally, partners are referenced and marketed in an appropriate way at PET events and in related materials and publications. Current and former partners and supporters of PET include the organisations below, several of which are also Corporate Friends of PET.
If you or your organisation are interested in collaborating with PET on events, projects or initiatives, then don't hesitate to contact PET Director Sarah Norcross by email at

Wellcome Action on Hearing Loss Battle of Ideas British Broadcasting Corporation British Fertility Society British Infertility Counselling Association British Society for Genetic Medicine Caribou Biosciences City University London Clifford Chance Donor Conception Network Edwards and Steptoe Research Trust Ferring Pharmaceuticals Genomics England Illumina Institute of Ideas King's College London Linklaters London Women's Clinic Medical Research Council Merck Serono Natalie Gamble Associates National Gamete Donation Trust Queen Mary University of London Royal College of Nursing Royal Society of Medicine Science Media Centre Scottish Government University College London University of Cambridge University of Manchester University of Sheffield Wales Gene Park