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By Sandy Starr (Communications Officer at the Progress Educational Trust)
and Sarah Norcross (Director of the Progress Educational Trust)

These acknowledgements accompany a School Resource Pack created by the Progress Educational Trust (PET) as part of its project 'Spectrum of Opinion: Genes'.

We would like to express our gratitude to everyone who has contributed to this School Resource Pack and to the 'Spectrum of Opinion' project more broadly, including Professor Richard Ashcroft, Saskia Baron, Professor Simon Baron-Cohen, Professor Derek Bolton, Virginia Bovell, Professor Nick Craddock, Dr Sarah Curran, Dr Shirley Dent, Dr Tom Dickins, Professor John Dupré, Dr Michael Fitzpatrick, Professor John Galloway, Will Greenacre, Dr Evan Harris, Kate Kellett, Imran Khan, Adam Killeya, Helen Keeler, Dr Elisabeth Hill, Sally Marlow, Karlin McMahon, Dr Jonathan Mill, Debbie Oliver, Fiona Miller, Fenno Outen, Dr Liz Pellicano, Professor Marcus Pembrey, Dr Vivienne Raper, Darren Routley, Dr Anand Saggar, Sima Sandhu, Rebecca Skinner, Madeleine Starr, Rachel Starr, Ailsa Stevens, Carmel Turner, Professor Jeremy Turk, Patrick Walsh and Austin Williams.

Contributors to the School Resource Pack developed by the Progress Educational Trust as part of its project 'Spectrum of Opinion: Genes, Autism and Psychological Spectrum Disorders

Contributors to the Spectrum of Opinion School Resource Pack

Top row, left to right: Professor Richard Ashcroft, Professor Simon Baron-Cohen, Professor John Dupré

Middle row, left to right: Dr Michael Fitzpatrick, Dr Elisabeth Hill, Helen Keeler

Bottom row, left to right: Sarah Norcross, Fenno Outen, Sandy Starr