Dr Stephen Minger

Dr Stephen Minger was previously an Adviser to the Progress Educational Trust (PET), and is Director of Research and Development for Cell Technologies at General Electric Healthcare. He is also Stem Cell Expert and Member of the Gene Therapy Advisory Committee at the UK Government's Department of Health, Cofounder of the London Regenerative Medicine Network, and a Member of the Advisory Panel of the California Institute of Regenerative Medicine. Previously, he was Director of the Stem Cell Biology Laboratory at the Wolfson Centre for Age Related Diseases, and a Senior Lecturer in Stem Cell Biology at King's College London. He was awarded one of the first two licenses granted by the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA) for the derivation of human embryonic stem cells, and his group subsequently generated the first human embryonic stem cell line in the UK and was one of the first groups to deposit its stem cell line into the UK Stem Cell Bank. His group was also one of the first two in the UK to be granted a research license by the HFEA to pursue somatic cell nuclear transfer to generate human admixed embryos. He is coauthor of chapters in Advances In Tissue Engineering (buy this book from Amazon UK), Human Embryonic Stem Cells: The Practical Handbook (buy this book from Amazon UK) and Culture of Human Stem Cells (buy this book from Amazon UK).