Whose Genome Is It Anyway? Big Data and Your DNA

Progress Educational Trust
Royal Society of Edinburgh, 22-26 George Street, Edinburgh EH2 2PQ
10 October 2018 6.30pm-8.30pm

A public event at the Royal Society of Edinburgh, produced by the Progress Educational Trust (PET) in partnership with Genomics England - the organisation established by the UK Government to deliver the 100,000 Genomes Project.
The event forms part of the Genomics Conversation, a programme of activities which involves the public and stakeholders in discussions about key issues in genomic medicine.
Attendance is free, but advance booking is required. Book your place now by emailing sstarr@progress.org.uk
If tweeting about this event, please use the hashtag #PETgenomic


Genomics England, joint organiser of the Progress Educational Trust's FREE-to-attend event 'Whose Genome Is It Anyway? Big Data and Your DNA', taking place in Edinburgh on the evening of Wednesday 10 October 2018