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This week at the Progress Educational Trust (20 April 2021)

The Progress Educational Trust (PET) has been busy in recent weeks running public events and making appearances in the media. Last week saw PET Director Sarah Norcross comment on research that involves the creation of chimeric embryos, containing material from both monkeys and humans.

Sarah was interviewed about the issue on 5 News, and you can watch the interview below. (If you cannot see the film below, click here to view it.)

Sarah Norcross, Director of the Progress Educational TrustSarah has also been quoted on the topic of chimeric embryos in the local, national and international media, including the following articles.

Elsewhere, Sarah has been quoted in two recent Daily Mail articles on the subject of egg freezing.

PET continues to campaign for an extension to the outdated and unscientific 10-year legal limit on the length of time for which women's eggs can be stored in the UK (if these eggs are frozen for non-medical or 'social' reasons).

If you have not yet done so, please spare a few moments to sign and share PET's #ExtendTheLimit petition at